Summer Camp Upgrading Programme


Start Time  End Time Segment
07:50AM 08:20AM Wake up/Chores
08:20AM 08:30AM Transition to Breakfast
08:30AM 09:00AM Breakfast
09:00AM 09:10AM Transition
09:10AM 09:30AM Morning Exercise + Transition
09:30AM 11:40AM Session 1
11:40AM 11:50AM Transition to Lunch
11:50AM 12:30PM Lunch
12:30PM 12:40PM Transition
12:40PM 2:50PM Session 2
02:50PM 03:10PM Snack + Transition
03:10PM 05:20PM Session 3
05:20PM 05:30PM Transition 
05:30PM 06:00PM Free Time
06:00PM 06:30PM Wash-Up / Shower option
06:30PM 06:40PM Transition 
06:40PM 07:20PM Dinner
07:20PM 07:30PM Transition
07:30PM 09:30PM Evening Programme
09:30PM 09:40PM Transition
09:40PM 10:00PM Wash-Up / Shower option
10:00PM 10:20PM Debrief/Discussion (Participant & Counselors) 
10:20PM 10:30PM Lights Out!
10:30PM 11:00PM Counselor, Teacher and Senior Staff Debrief