Preparatory Programme

The Preparatory Programme is a rigorous academic programme delivered over 33 weeks during the three semesters of the academic year; 7 more weeks than subsequent years of study at UCA.

Each week, you will spend 20 hours in English instruction, 4 hours in mathematics instruction, 3 hours in science class and 3 hours in a science laboratory. You will also participate in 4 to 6 hours of experiential mathematics and science exercises and 4 to 6 hours in tutorials. In Semester 3, you will spend 40 hours in discipline-based explorations in your chosen area of study.

The curriculum for UCA's Preparatory Programme was designed in partnership with Seneca College, Canada. All Preparatory Programme faculty received their teaching certification from internationally recognised institutions, and have a Master's degree and/or significant years of relevant teaching experience.

Mathematics Courses

  • Discrete Mathematics: Calculus and Vectors: The Study of Motion and Change Computation, Order, and Logic;
  • Advanced Topics in Maths;
  • Maths for the Real World; and
  • Tutorials.

English Courses

  • Academic English: A Critical Thinking and Interdisciplinary Approach;
  • Academic Writing: Research, Fiction and Non-Fiction;
  • Academic, Scientific and Business Writing; and
  • Tutorials.

Science Courses

  • The Scientific Method: Water, Earth, Fire and Air;
  • Scientific Inquiry: Natural and Built Environments;
  • Advanced Topics in Science;
  • Science Lab Courses; and
  • Science for the Real World;
  • Tutorials.

Discipline-based courses