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Change the World! Contest Seminars Generate Ideas for Proposals
05 December 2013, Kyrgyzstan-Kazakhstan - In November 2013, youth at nine locations across Kyrgyz Republic and Kazakhstan identified critical social problems in their communities and generated entrepreneurial ideas to address them. Those who submit winning proposals will receive grants to implement their ideas.
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On Location: At UCA in Khorog, Tajikistan
03 December 2013, Khorog, Tajikistan - Since it opened in 2006, UCA’s Town Campus in Khorog has buzzed with activity as youth and adult learners alike engage in courses at the School of Professional and Continuing Education (SPCE). The facility is equipped with state-of-the-art learning technologies, computer laboratories, classrooms and a 44,453 volume library. UCA Communications recently spent time at SPCE Khorog where energetic instructors are busy in their classrooms and in their own professional development courses. Students in SPCE’s Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVET) programme workshops are learning new skills which they practice through TVET’s apprentice programme. SPCE classrooms are full of energy, with students learning new information and skills and engaging in lively discussions and interactive activities. SPCE offers courses in 30 areas and has reached over 27,000 learners in Tajikistan.

On Location: At UCA in Naryn, Kyrgyz Republic
20 November 2013, Naryn, Kyrgyz Republic - In September 2013, UCA’s Naryn main campus Phase 1 construction began. Phase I builds on critical preparatory works and community development initiatives such as the diversion and construction of a portion of the Naryn State Road; the construction of gabion walls to secure the adjacent Naryn River bed; the provision of a secure water source to our neighbours in Tosh-Bulak village; and the opening of world class sports facilities. As construction proceeds, instructors at the School of Professional and Continuing Education (SPCE) located at UCA’s Naryn Town campus continue to reach both youth and adult learners with academic enrichment, English-language and professional development courses.

On Location: At UCA in Tekeli, Kazakhstan
11 November 2013, Tekeli, Kazakhstan -

In October 2013, University Communications spent time with our town and main campus colleagues in Tekeli, Kazakhstan.  Preparatory works for main campus construction continue as the professional nursery team prepare for winter. Instructors at the School of Professional and Continuing Education (SPCE) are reaching secondary school students, youth and adults with academic enrichment, English-language and professional development courses. We hope that the energy and hunger for knowledge that we encountered in those lively classrooms are captured in this gallery.

Media Briefing on University of Central Asia's Naryn Campus Phase I Construction Begins
27 September 2013, Naryn, Kyrgyz Republic -

The University of Central Asia (UCA) announced the official start of Phase I of its Naryn main campus construction at a media briefing on 27 September 2013. Held at UCA’s School of Professional and Continuing Education Town Campus in Naryn, Kyrgyz Republic, the briefing was attended by local government, UCA representatives, contractors, as well as local and regional media.
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