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19 October 2011 | BOOK
Herders' Manual for Kyrgyzstan
Editors: Rahim, Inam; Maselli, Daniel
Contributors: Abdurasulov, Yrysbek; Abdurasulov, Abdugani; Pak, Vladimir; Kasymbekov, Joldoshbek; Kuldanbaev, Nurbek; Rahim, Inam
19 October 2011
Available English, Kyrgyz and Russian.
Mountain Societies Research Institute, University of Central Asia

03 October 2011 | BOOK
Kyrgyz Küüs: Analysis,Thoughts, and Opinions (Volumes I and II)
This fundamental two-volume work Kïrgïz küülörü:Iliktöölör, oylor, pikirler (Kyrgyz Küüs Analysis,Thoughts, and Opinions) is written by well-known Kyrgyz ethnomusicologist Asan Kaybïlda uulu.

06 June 2011 | BOOK
English-Russian Glossary of Terms and Concepts in Policy Analysis, Public Administration and Public Economics
by Oleksandr Kiliievych, ISBN 978-9967-25-338-4, xxx+484pp. (paperback) The glossary is the first publication of its kind in the Russian language. It defines some 2,500 terms and concepts and cites examples of their usage in authoritative texts. Over 130 sources are used. In addition, there is an English - Russian, Russian - English dictionary of over 3,000 terms. The extensive preface discusses some of the difficult terminological issues. Oleksandr Kiliievych, is associate professor in the Department of Economic Policy, National Academy of Public Administration, Office of the President of Ukraine, and association professor in the Department of Economic Theory, National University ‘Kyivo-Mohyla’ Academy. To order copies, please contact: Elena Bosler-Guseva:

06 June 2011 | BOOK
The Musical Arts of the Pamirs, Volumes I, II, and III
Published by the University of Central Asia, The Musical Arts of the Pamirs, Volumes I, II, and III is part of a five-volume study on folk music, oral history, and theatre traditions from the Pamir region of Tajikistan. Widely viewed as the most comprehensive work on Pamir music and heritage to date, The Musical Arts of the Pamirs is the culmination of approximately 40 years of field work by Dr Nizom Nurdjanov, along with his colleagues, Dr Fayzulla Karomatov and Dr Bahriniso Kabilova. To order copies, please contact: Elena Bosler:

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