Kyrgyz Küüs: Analysis,Thoughts, and Opinions (Volumes I and II)

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Date: 03 October 2011
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by Asan Kaybïlda uulu (1929-2010)
This fundamental two-volume work Kïrgïz küülörü:Iliktöölör, oylor, pikirler (Kyrgyz Küüs Analysis,Thoughts, and Opinions) is written by well-known Kyrgyz ethnomusicologist Asan Kaybïlda uulu. It is a tremendous contribution to the study of Central Asian traditional music. The work presents the findings of Asan Kaybïlda uulu’s more than 20 years of ethnographic research on Kyrgyz komuz music and promotes the preservation of Central Asian cultural heritage for future generations. It contains rich and valuable material on the history of Kyrgyz küü, instrumental music played primarily on the main three-stringed Kyrgyz instrument, komuz. The author provides a comprehensive study of all known and unknown, recorded and unrecorded Kyrgyz instrumental music by various master komuz players.

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