Funeral Laments of the Pamiri Kyrgyz Living in Turkey. As Lingua-Folkloristic Primary Source. Analysis and Texts

Type: Book
Date: 03 June 2017
This fundamental book deals with koshoks, funeral laments of the Pamiri Kyrgyz living in the Van region of eastern Turkey. The author presents rich and original texts of koshok which he recorded during fieldwork conducted from 1997-2007. The fieldwork covers the language, folklore, and ethnography of the Pamiri Kyrgyz, who first moved from their homeland in the Pamir mountains of Afghanistan to Pakistan in 1978 and then to Turkey in 1986. 

The koshok texts presented in this book will serve as valuable ethnological, ethnocultural, and lingua-folkloristic source for ethnologists, ethnographers, folklorists, linguists as well as for students of Ethnology and Philology.

The book can be purchased from University of Central Asia’s Cultural Heritage and Humanities Unit. For more information, please contact