Manual: Studying Water Through Experiments

Type: Book
Size: 14MB
Date: 12 July 2017
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The manual was developed within the framework of the „Kyrgyz Mountains Environmental Education and Citizen Science“ project. The aim of the project was to improve the access of rural schools in Kyrgyzstan to low-tech methods and experiments for engaging kids in learning and exploring their surrounding natural environment. The project closely worked with 10 schools in rural areas of Naryn province for developing the manual and jointly engaging in citizen science - science that can be conducted by anyone. The manual includes chapters on the general properties of water, watershed mapping and the water cycle, biological assessment of water quality through macro-invertebrates, how to build DIY microscopes, simple chemical experiments as well as measurement of water discharge of small rivers. As such, it can be used by biology, geography, chemistry and physics teachers, but also by children and parents interested in the practical exploration of scientific concepts.