Herders' Manual for Kyrgyzstan

Type: Book
Size: 6MB
Date: 19 October 2011
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Drawing on local expertise of Central Asian herders, this manual provides a combination of traditional knowledge about key pasture plants and current scientific knowledge about sustainable pasture management, livestock production, and health management in Kyrgyzstan pastures. A joint project of University of Central Asia’s, Mountain Societies Research Centre (MSRC) and NCCR North-South, the manual is designed for on-the-job training of livestock herders, village Pasture Committees and other village-level pasture management and monitoring organizations. Herders Manual for Kyrgyz Pastures is available in English, Russian and Kyrgyz.

Supported by the Mountain Partnership and The Christensen Fund, it aims to share knowledge and promote the adaptation of innovative and sustainable livestock and pasture management practices, and contribute to a positive change in livestock management and sustainable pasture management in rural areas of the Kyrgyz Republic.