English-Russian Glossary of Terms and Concepts in Public and Economic Policy, Administration and Trade

Type: Book
Size: 800KB
Date: 30 May 2013
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This glossary is a unique resource for Central Asia, bringing together, in Russian and English, concepts and terms used in public policy, policy analysis, economic policy, international trade and economics to facilitate understanding and clarity by actors in government, universities and civil society. The glossary defines over 3,200 terms and concepts and cites examples of their usage in authoritative texts, based on an extensive range of over 130 sources.  The glossary also includes an English - Russian, Russian - English dictionary of 3,400 and 4,600 terms respectively. The preface discusses some of the critical terminological challenges inherent in compiling such a resource.  Public policy is a new field in the countries of the former Soviet Union, and Russian terminology has yet to be established and standardised. This glossary can serve as a resource in this process, and in facilitating international understanding and dialogue on public and economic policy.