CAFDP 2012, Tajikistan


  • Candidate, PhD in Chemistry/Pharmacy, Ruprecht Karls University of Heidelberg, Germany. Doctoral Research: “Chemical composition and biological activity of the essential oils of Tajikistan aromatic plants”
  • Candidate of Science in Chemistry, Chemistry Institute of the Tajikistan Academy of Sciences, Tajikistan. Dissertation Thesis: “Essential oil of Hyssopus seravshanicus and its absorption on the bentonite clays”
  • Diploma of Specialist in Chemistry, Tajikistan National University, Tajikistan

Farukh worked as a leading researcher at the Institute of Chemistry named after V. I. Nikitin at the Academy of Sciences, Republic of Tajikistan, where he investigated and published articles on chemical composition and biological activity of the essential oils from aromatic plants growing in Tajikistan. He taught bioorganic and physical colloid chemistry at the Medical State University named after Abuali ibn Sino, Tajikistan. He was a visiting researcher at the Ruhr University Bochum, Germany and at Alabama University in Huntsville, USA.

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