Senior Research Scientist


PhD, Environmental Economics (Panteion University, Greece, 2007)
MSc, Ecological Economics (Edinburgh University, UK, 2001)
BSc, Political Science and Public Administration (National University of Athens, Greece, 1997)

Xenarios has worked extensively in South Asia on international research projects related to agriculture and water resources management, socio-economic welfare and climate change. His knowledge of climate change, livelihoods and agricultural water management results from participating in African-based projects with a focus on East and West Sub-Saharan Africa.  In Central Asia, he is involved with various capacity building, support of national policies and implementation of water and energy related initiatives that can improve livelihoods of poor communities in rural areas. 

Xenarios has worked in multidisciplinary teams of  hydrologists, agronomists, social and soil scientists to implement natural resource management and socio-economic techniques through integrated system modeling tools. His research, training and professional efforts have led Xenarios to develop both considerable knowledge on natural resources management and climate change, to design and successfully accomplish demanding projects that require a clear understanding of science and policies as well as to conduct continuous collaboration with local, international and governmental organisations and institutional bodies. Xenarios has published 25 papers in peer reviewed journals, books and international conferences. He is a committee member of the International Water Association’s Specialist Group on Statistics and Economics.

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