CAFDP 2009, Tajikistan


  • Graduated, PhD in Ecology. University of Bayreuth, Germany. 2016. Doctoral research: “Forest Ecosystem Services Governance, Supply and Demand in Tajikistan”
  • BSc in Ecology, Khorog State University, Tajikistan

Bunafsha worked as a Young Professional with the German Agency for Technical Cooperation (GTZ) on a project on sustainable management of natural resources in Gorno Badakhshan and was a trainer on a pilot project on sustainable joint forest management. As a CAFDP Fellow, Bunafsha has interned with the Hessen Forst-forestry Kirchhain and National Park Kellerwald Edersee, on forest management systems and national park management in Germany and the South African National Biodiversity Institute in Cape Town, using software statistical tools and geographic information systems (GIS) to analyse environmental maps. Since 2006, Bunafsha is working with UNIQUE Forestry and Land Use in Freiburg, Germany.

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