CAFDP 2008, Kyrgyz Republic


  • Graduated, Masters and PhD in Transition Studies/Economics, Center for International Development and Environmental Research, University of Giessen, Germany, 2012. Doctoral Research: “Regional and Micro-level Rural Determinants in Remote Rural areas of Kyrgyzstan”
  • BSc in Economics, Kyrgyz Agricultural Institute, Kyrgyz Republic

Kanat has worked as an economist and agricultural specialist at the Kyrgyz Agricultural Institute, and in the private sector, in the oil industry, food processing and agricultural production sectors. Kanat’s doctoral research defined and empirically validated the main determinants of rural poverty in Kyrgyzstan, and provided recommendations for growth in agriculture.  Kanat is now a Research Fellow with the Institute of Public Policy and Administration at UCA, where he is engaged in research and capacity-building projects on enhancing social cohesion through community-driven development, and gender and employment in Central Asia.

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