CAFDP 2011, Kyrgyz Republic


  • Candidate, PhD in Social and Cultural Anthropology, University of Tubingen, Germany. Expected 2017. Doctoral Research: “Born Kyrgyz, Raised as Russians and Buried as Arabs: Negotiating Childhood and Personhood in Kyrgyzstan”
  • MA in Social Anthropology, University of Edinburgh, Scotland, UK
  • BA (honors) in Cultural Anthropology and Archeology, American University of Central Asia, Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic

Baktygul has worked as a researcher at the Aigine Cultural Research Center in the Kyrgyz Republic, addressing issues such as the role of the mass media in political participation in Kyrgyzstan, sacred sites, bride kidnapping, role-conceptions of Kyrgyz journalists, and the politics of customary law. Her research interests include Central Asian anthropology of childhood, personhood, of health and illness and moral education. She has published and presented extensively at workshops, conferences and various academic journals on the formal and informal institutions in the child health care system in Kyrgyzstan and the role of schools in shaping values and identities. Since 2014, she has worked at the University of Tübingen as a Research Assistant and a Kyrgyz language instructor.

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