CAFDP Individual Funding Scheme 2011, Kyrgyz Republic


  • Candidate, PhD in Political Science, Kent State University, USA. Dissertation topic: “Understanding Electoral Behavior in post-Soviet Central Asia: Why Do Citizens Participate in the Flawed Elections?”
  • MSc in Politics, University of Edinburgh,UK. Thesis: “Political Liberalisation and the Rise of Nationalism: The case of Kyrgyzstan”
  • MPA, Public Administration Institute for Turkey and the Middle East, Turkey.
  • BA in History, Faculty of History, Kyrgyz National University, Kyrgyz Republic

Askat’s research interests include political participation and democratisation, state and nation building, public policy making and public administration reform in the Kyrgyz Republic and other post-Soviet countries. His doctoral research is on factors influencing electoral participation and voting behaviour in post-Soviet Central Asia, with a focus on the Kyrgyz Republic. Askat has published on politics and on higher education in Central Asia.

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