Nurzhauar ISSAYEVA

AKHP Faculty Development Programme Coordinator, Kazakhstan

Mrs Issayeva brings a wealth of experience in various sectors and over 30 years experience in research and education to the position. She has 16 years of experience working in state institutions including the Kazakh Academy of Science of the Kazakh SSR, the Ministry of Education, Ministry of Economics and Majilis of Parliament of the Republic of Kazakhstan. She has also served in leadership and management positions in various universities, including the Kazakh-American University, the Academy of Banking, and the Almaty Academy of Economics and Statistics. She was one of pioneers in implementing credit technology into higher education of Kazakhstan. 
She has taught under- and post-graduate courses in marketing and teaching economics, and trained educators in contemporary issues in higher education, such as the introduction of credit technology in higher education in Kazakhstan, and the organization of students’ independent work. Mrs Issayeva has also been involved in planning and implementing educational projects such as Social Partnership: School-College-University and Extending the Information Security Training and Methodological Base in Universities of Kazakhstan (an international electronic library database development). She is widely published, with over 40 scientific publications.

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