BBC News: UCA Inaugural Campus in Naryn, Kyrgyz Republic

Date: 02 June 2016
Other languages: Кыргыз тили |
The British Broadcasting Corporation (BBC) visited UCA's inaugural campus in Naryn, Kyrgyz Republic in anticipation of its undergraduate launch in September 2016.

Journalist Gulnara Kasmambetova, BBC Senior Producer, Kyrgyz Television, Radio and Online also interviewed Shamsh Kassim-Lakha UCA Board Executive Committee Executive Chairman.

They spoke to community members, including a local resident employed on the campus site. They also spoke to prospective students from Naryn who passed the UCA entrance examination and are in the second phase of admissions.

The Naryn campus is the first of three campuses of the same facilities and stature UCA is building in Naryn, Kyrgyz Republic (2016), Khorog, Tajikistan (2017) and Tekeli, Kazakhstan (anticipated in 2019).

Republished with permission from the British Broadcasting Corporation.