AKHP Special Lecture Series: Comparative Analysis Human Being and His Perspective in the Context of Nasir Khusrav’s Philosophical and Theological Interpretations by Dr Nazariev Ramazon

Date: 07 July 2012
Location: UCA Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic

Date: 7 July 2012, 10:00
Venue: Ismaili Centre Dushanbe

Topic: Interdisciplinary Discourse in Context of the Humanities and  Scientific Studies: Comparative Analysis Human Being and His Perspective in the Context of  Nasir Khusrav’s Philosophical and Theological Interpretations 
Speaker: Dr Nazariev Ramazon 
At the present time anthropological crisis not only entailed critics on principle of anthropocentrism but it also activated the questions concerning new rethinking of the problem of human being in the context of interrelation of divine, biological and social nature, creating new basis and meanings for the studying of human being both in the context of modernity and history.
In this regard the speaker will pay attention on not yet fully disclosed potentiality of Nasir Khusrav’s ideas about the key questions about human being, namely: the sense of human being, concept of death and immortality of human being, his uniqueness and responsibility towards the word. In his presentation, the author will focus on the Khusrav’s thesis where the human being is presented as “the measure for all knowledge” and where rationality is the main way to the “truthful” knowledge of reality and phenomena. Finally, the author will focus on the studying of new possibilities and recourses for development of both theological and philosophical ideas in modern intellectual discourses
Nazariev Ramazon graduated from Tajik State University, the Faculty of Eastern Studies (Department of Arabic literature and language). In 2000 year he defended his candidate of science degree on: “Allegorical interpretation of Ismailism in Theology and Philosophy”. In 2011 he defended his Doctor of Philosophical Sciences at the Tajikistan’s Academy of Sciences in Dushanbe. His doctoral dissertation was on: “Social philosophy of “Ikhwan as-safa” and Nasir Khusrav (comparative analyses)”. At present, Ramazon works as Liaison Officer of the Institute of Ismaili Sudies, UK in Dushanbe and Docent of the Department of the Philosophy and Culture of Tajik State Pedagogical University. He also coordinates IIS international and local conferences, seminars, workshops in Tajikistan and engaged into editing of the IIS publications in Tajikistan. He is the author of two monographs and more than 30 scientific articles on Islam and Ismaili philosophy.
The presentation will be conducted in Tajik. 
The Ismaili Centre, Dushanbe, 47 Ismoili Somoni street
Please RSVP to gulkhonim.aknazarova@ucentralasia.org with your name and affiliation. Please indicate if you require Russian translation. 


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