Mountain Research and Development (MRD) Special issue: Central Asian Mountain Societies in Transition

Type: Report
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Date: 20 August 2012
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UCA’s, Mountain Societies Research Centre (MSRC) researchers served as guest editors of this special issue of MRD, an international peer-reviewed journal published by the International Mountain Society, of which UCA and MSRC are institutional members. The issue features information on MSRC and its first background paper on mountain pastoralism; analysis of development initiatives on pasture governance reforms, climate change adaptation, large carnivore conservation, and thermal insulation, and on the quality of life in remote mountain communities in Afghan Badakhshan; and innovative scientific research on differing meanings of pasture, changing pasture use, pasture tenure, farming system modeling, and livelihoods in conflict areas. This inaugural MSRC guest issue was translated and printed in Russian by UCA’s, Mountain Societies Research Centre (MSRC) for use in the region.