The School of Arts and Sciences (Undergraduate)

The School of Arts and Sciences will open its doors when the construction of the main campus is complete. The School advances innovations in undergraduate education: a core curriculum to be taken in the first 2 years exposes all students to modes of thought and method of inquiry in the humanities, social sciences and sciences.

It includes teaching of ethics across the curriculum to support the moral reasoning students need to become responsible, compassionate, and active civic minded members of society; and features a university-wide undergraduate entrepreneurship programme. The undergraduate programme seeks to foster a research-oriented education culture by having students engage in original research projects starting in their second year.

The integrative majors and minors combining several disciplines (for example, human life sciences) are a hallmark of the undergraduate programme. leaders across the educational spectrum are emphasising the integration of knowledge and multidisciplinary perspectives. uca will be the first university in central asia to offer integrative majors and minors, which are also more responsive to labour market opportunities. a heavy emphasis on science and technology is another difference uca offers to the provision of undergraduate education in the region.

The School has three focus areas with the following initial disciplines:

  • Humanities: history, languages, literature, and philosophy;
  • Social Sciences: anthropology, economics, political science, and sociology;
  • Science and Technology: biology, chemistry, engineering sciences, mathematics and computing, and physics.

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