The Graduate School of Development

Designed primarily as a professional graduate school, the programmes in Graduate School of Development are organised to address the unique resources and needs of the region by generating a pool of highly skilled professionals and decision-makers, and fostering policy-oriented research in the fields of:

  • Business and Economic Development;
  • Education Policy;
  • Natural Resource Management and Environment;
  • Public Administration and Public Policy;
  • Rural and Regional Development;
  • Tourism and Leisure Studies.

It is envisioned that each of these areas will evolve into independent Institutes as a critical mass of courses, faculty, and research is reached to enable students to obtain specialised degrees in the future. The first degree programme planned for the School is a Master of Science in Economic Development. Uniquely designed to respond to critical priorities in the region, the two-year programme includes a core curriculum in economics, public policy, development, financial analysis, and an inter-disciplinary analysis of perspectives on social change. The second year is devoted to specialisations within the fields of one of the Graduate Institutes. The concept paper and proposed design of the Master’s programme was discussed extensively in a validation process that included consultations with over 150 international experts from academia, business and government in the three Founding States, Canada, Germany, Hungary, Ukraine, the United Kingdom, and the United States.