Business & Management, BA

Do you want to become a leader in the world of business? Do you already have ideas for your own business? Do you want to learn skills to enhance economic development in Central Asia? If so, UCA's Business and Management programme is for you.

UCA's Business and Management programme is designed to equip you with the skills you need to work in and establish business ventures in the new Central Asian economy, while ensuring you are globally competitive.

The comprehensive curriculum covers the requirements for a general management degree, while offering specialisations in finance and accounting, strategic leadership, entrepreneurship, branding and marketing and operations management. The programme also offers multiple opportunities for applied and practical learning, utilising business simulations and the Harvard Case method applied to Central Asian contexts and offering internship opportunities.

This will enable you to build both theoretical knowledge and a practical understanding of business in the region. With UCA's internship opportunities and learning methods, students will be exposed to passive and active insights into the practice of management. The curriculum is being developed in partnership with, and reflects curricula at, world renowned universities.


Courses are subject to change.

Mandatory Courses

Leadership / Organisational Behavior

Financial Accounting

Managerial Accounting


Management Science / Production and Operations


Managing Information Systems

Global Political and Economic Environment


Organizational Theory – The Role of Structures and Processes

Strategy I


International Business with a Focus on Emerging Markets especially Central Asia

Strategy Execution / Implementation

Advanced Finance 2

Commercial Banking, Private Equity, and Investment Banking


International Finance

Corporate Financial Reporting

Branding and Promotion

Physical and Online Retailing

Global Marketing


Project Management

Production and Supply Chain Management

Process Mapping and Process Improvement

Design, Development and Implementation of Information Systems

Career Pathways

Your minor complements your major area of study, enriching your skill set and knowledge base, making you an all-rounded candidate for any future employer.

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