UCA Khorog Stone Crushing Process

Location: Khorog, Tajikistan
Other languages: Русский язык
To prepare its Khorog campus site for construction, the University of Central Asia (UCA) is clearing and crushing up to 160,000 cubic metres of rock. The cleared land will house UCA buildings and the crushed stone will be used as raw material in the construction of roads, the Khorog campus buildings and other infrastructure.
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Located 2,100 metres above sea level, the UCA Khorog campus site will include academic, athletic and residential facilities surrounded by landscaped parks.

Heavy equipment and a complex network of conveyor belts are moving and transforming up to 160,000 cubic metres of rock at the Khorog campus site.

Rock is first cleared and then transferred to the hopper at a rate of 120 cubic metres per hour, beginning the crushing and cleaning process.

Intizor Kholmurodov monitors the network of conveyor belts which move the rock through a series of screens and crushers to be reduced in size, sorted and cleaned.

Rock that is up to 500 millimetres (mm) in diametre is first reduced to about half its size.

It is then crushed and sorted into pieces 25mm in diametre and smaller.

The crushed rock is pressure-washed with water from the Khorog River, which is then recycled to water the campus nursery.

Matob Mehrobov oversees the stone removal and crushing process from the on-site operations centre.

The crushed and cleaned rock is then transported to the batching plant storage area.

The batching plant storage area: The crushed rock will be used for multiple purposes, including as base material for roads and buildings, manufacturing of concrete and general use in the construction of UCA’s Khorog campus.
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