MSRI Staff Publications

Below is a list of selected journal articles, book chapters and research essays published by scholars from the University of Central Asia's Mountain Societies Research Institute.


Kharismalatri, H.S, Ishikawa, Y., Gomi, T., Sidle. R.C., and Shiraki, K. 2019. Evaluating Factors for Controlling Sediment Connectivity of Landslide Materials: A Flume Experiment. Water 11, 17.

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Foggin, M. 2018. Snow Leopards at Large: One herding community's hope for the future in the grasslands of Tibet, pp. 135-142 in J. Xu (ed.) (Chap. 20), Mountain Futures: Innovation and Inspiration from the World's Highlands. Nairobi, Kenya: World Agroforestry Centre.

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Laldjebaev, M., Morreale, S. J., Sovacool, B. K., & Kassam, K. A. S. (2018). Rethinking Energy Security and Services in Practice: National Vulnerability and Three Energy Pathways in Tajikistan. Energy Policy, 114, 39-50.

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Eddy, I.M.S., Gergel, S.E., Coops, N.C., Henebry, G.M., Levine, J., Zerriffi, H., and Shibkov, E. (2017). Integrating remote sensing and local ecological knowledge to monitor rangeland dynamics. Ecological Indicators 82: 106-116.

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Pickee, Y., Shresta, R., Schmidt-Vogt, D., Qasim, S. (2017). A comparative assessment of land management approaches in Bhutan. International Journal of Sustainable Development and World Ecology (online).

Sagynbekova, L. (2017). International Labour Migration in the Context of the Eurasian Economic Union: Issues and Challenges of Kyrgyz Migrants in Russia. IPPA Working Paper No. 39, Institute of Public Policy and Administration (IPPA), University of Central Asia. > Find out more

Shigaeva, J., Isaeva, A. (2017). Soviet legacy in the operation of pasture governance institutions in present-day Kyrgyz Republic. Journal of Alpine Research. (online)

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Sujakhu N.M., Ranjitkar, S., Niraula, R.R., Pokharel, B.K., Schmidt - Vogt, D. and Xu J. (2016).Farmers' Perceptions of and Adaptations to Changing Climate in the Melamchi Valley of Nepal. Mountain Research and Development 36 (1): 15-30.


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Aziz Ali, Yi Shaoliang and D. Aslisho Nazarbekov (2014). Survival in the Frontiers: Yak Husbandry of Kyrgyz Communities in Pamir Region of Afghanistan.

Dr.Aslisho, Yi Shaoliang, Aziz Ali (2014). Cross-Border Cooperation in Managing Animal Diseases and Winter Fodder Shortage in Afghanistan Pamir. The paper was presented at 5th International Conference on Yaks, 29 August 2014, Lanzhou, China.

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Suyarkulova, M. (2014). Between National Idea and International Conflict: The Roghun Hydropower project(HPP) as an Anti-colonial Endeavour, Body of the Nation, and National Wealth. Water History 6(4): 367-383.


Dear, C. , Shigaeva, J. and Wolfgramm, B. (2013). Assessing the State of Sustainable Land Management Research in Kyrgyzstan and Tajikistan. Mountain Research and Development 33(4): 443-452.


Aziz Ali, Yi Shaoliang (2012). Highland Rangelands of Afghanistan: Significance, Management Issues, and Strategies.

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