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01 March 2019 | PRESS RELEASE
Development Dialogue Addresses Migration Policy in Kyrgyzstan: Labour remittances 30% of GDP
Government representatives, development partners, and experts gathered in Bishkek on Friday, March 1st, 2019 to share inputs on the development of a comprehensive long-term, evidence-based migration policy for the Kyrgyz Republic. The half-day Development Dialogue on “Comprehensive Long-Term Evidence-Based Migration Policy for the Kyrgyz Republic” was co-organised by the United Nations (UN) in Kyrgyzstan, and the University of Central Asia’s (UCA) Institute of Public Policy and Administration (IPPA). This was the second in a series of six such development dialogues.
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16 February 2019 | NEWS
Mountain Universities Collaborate on Research
Representatives from the University of Central Asia (UCA), Khorog State University (KSU) and Naryn State University (NSU) participated at an inception workshop of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSME) research project on February 4-5.
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14 February 2019 | NEWS
'Current Dynamics of the Border Areas in the Fergana Valley' Workshop
The University of Central Asia’s (UCA) Mountain Societies Research Institute (MSRI) of the Graduate School of Development held a workshop on “Current Dynamics of the Border Areas in the Fergana Valley” on February 13th in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan.
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11 February 2019 | NEWS
Voices from the Field: Unheard Stories from Women in Pakistan
As part of the University of Central Asia’s cooperative education programme, UCA undergraduate students, Aqila Hassanzada and Khizer Zakir, worked as Research Interns at the Rural Support Programmes Network (RSPN) in Pakistan in July 2018. On a field visit to Sindh (Pakistan) they conducted interviews to better understand the role of RSPN in the lives of poor communities. Their report was published in February 2019.
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10 February 2019 | NEWS
UCA Students Had Highest Average ORT Scores
The Ministry of Education of Kyrgyzstan conducts mandatory General Republican Tests (also known as ORT) each year in May for all secondary school graduates in the country. In 2017 and 2018, the average ORT score of students admitted to UCA from Kyrgyzstan was the highest of all universities in the country.
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06 February 2019 | NEWS
Video: Public Lecture on Kyrgyz Republic Economic Update
Mr. Apurva Sanghi, Lead Economist for the Russian Federation at the World Bank, and Ms. Appolenia Mbowe, Senior Country Economist for the Kyrgyz Republic delivered a Public Lecture at the University of Central Asia (UCA) providing an update on the Economy of Kyrgyzstan.
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05 February 2019 | NEWS
Open House Attracts Over 300 Students
The University of Central Asia's (UCA) Naryn Campus Open House welcomed over 300 Grade 11 students and their parents from Akzhar, At-Bashy, Baitik, Balycky, Bishkek, Chok-Tal, Dostuk, Kant, Kara-Balta, Karakol, Naryn and Talas in Kyrgyzstan on February 3rd.
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30 January 2019 | NEWS
Going Green in Khorog
An enthusiastic group of students at the Khorog campus of the University of Central Asia (UCA) have formed an initiative to promote awareness of ecological issues and encourage participation in environmentally sustainable practices.
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27 January 2019 | NEWS
"Dark Horse" of the Export Market – How Talas Achieved International Fame
Several years ago, Kyrgyzstan's smallest and least populated northern region made a surprising breakthrough into
the global agriculture market by becoming one of top twenty exporters of kidney beans, rivaling such giants as China, Argentina, and Egypt. The phenomenon, which became known as the "Talas Wonder", is also remarkable due to the fact that historically Kyrgyzstan never had a substantial kidney bean production.
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25 January 2019 | NEWS
Developing Regional Postgraduate Curriculum

The University of Central Asia's (UCA) Aga Khan Humanities Project (AKHP) has launched a new initiative to develop the curriculum of humanities as a postgraduate programme.

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