Why Should You Pursue a Degree in Economics in Central Asia?

This article is part of the series “Choosing a University” which explores the questions and opportunities students encounter when applying to university. This series is produced by the University of Central Asia, now accepting applications for its inaugural cohort of students in September 2016. The application deadline is 15 April 2016.
A current and context-specific understanding of economics is vital to decision-making. Macro-economic indicators influence how governments approach national budgets and how large corporations make investments decisions in areas like mining and resource management. At a micro level, an understanding of economics helps small businesses determine when to expand operations or raise prices. And at an individual level, economics is at the heart of the decision to attend university. How will you pay for your education? What is it worth? Will your new skills be in demand? Will there be a supply of job opportunities? And will a university degree improve your personal economic situation when you graduate?
Central Asian states have shown impressive economic growth in recent years, despite the turbulence of world markets. Some years saw annual growth of as much as nine per cent in the last decade, one of the highest regional rates in the world. Natural resources, agriculture and commodities trading were the primary drivers of this growth.
Given the state of the economy, it is no surprise that the demand for experts in economics and international trade continues to grow. 
The University of Central Asia designed its undergraduate Economics major in response to the needs of the region’s economies. UCA’s programme is market-based, providing students a versatile set of analytical and practical skills that will lead to jobs in banking, international trade, personal and corporate finance, and policy.   
UCA’s unique economics programme offers a specialization in entrepreneurial economics. Through extensive market research, UCA identified a current gap in economics education for undergraduates in the region: very few have the opportunity to build entrepreneurship skills.  UCA’s economics students will have the opportunity to take new, cutting-edge courses on the economics of entrepreneurship, social entrepreneurship, and understanding the tools needed to transform ideas into viable and sustainable business opportunities.  UCA’s economics graduates will be equipped both to take on jobs and to create them. 
During their time in the programme, students will have access to an Innovation and Entrepreneurship Lab, an incubator for student ventures.  Through paid internships and consulting projects, students will also develop a network of contacts that will include economics professionals from Central Asia and potentially abroad, to help build a solid career upon graduation. 
All components of UCA’s Economics degree are designed to produce a well-rounded student with specialised knowledge, who is prepared to enter the workforce and become a successful entrepreneur.  
For more information and to learn more about how an economics degree from UCA can work for you, visit: www.ucentralasia.org/admissions, email us at admissions@ucentralasia.org, or call: +996 770 822 901  (Kyrgyz Republic) +992 93 999 99 64 (Tajikistan)  +7 777 822 3948 (Kazakhstan).
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