AKHP Public Lecture: Constitutional Reforms in the Republic of Kazakhstan

Date: 06 December 2017
Other languages: Русский язык |
6 December 2017, 3:00 pm
Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan

Jalairi Omirali Shakarapuly
Rector of the Eurasian Law Academy named after D.A. Kunaev
Doctor in Law, Professor, Member of the Legal Policy Council under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Member of the Board of the Republican Public Association Lawyers for Fair Elections

The 2017 Constitutional Reform is a new stage of the political history of sovereign Kazakhstan, and a logical outcome of the stage-by-stage democratic development of the Republic of Kazakhstan. This reform of the Constitution of Kazakhstan – which was widely discussed in, and supported by, the society – delegated certain powers from the President to other branches of power, facilitated independence of the Government and strengthened responsibility for the decisions it makes. The Parliament, as the supreme representative body that acts as legislative power, was granted extended authority to control activities of the Government and executive bodies. In general, the reform strengthened the guaranteed inviolability of the constitutional order, sovereignty and independence of our country, while making the political system more democratic and sustainable. The state, which is based on presidential form of government, became better balanced, more flexible and efficient in the context of sustainable political system in the country.

The founder of D. A. Kunaev Eurasian Law Academy, Doctor in Law, Professor Jalairi Omrali Shakarapuly started his academic and teaching career at the Faculty of Law of S. M. Kirov Kazakh State University, where he for many years managed the Department of Constitutional and Administrative Law. Omrali Shakarapuly holds a special place among the progressively-minded public figures of our country, and was awarded with the title Honored Activist of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In 1993 he became the Rector of the Eurasian Law Academy, having completed all major development stages to have become a prominent scholar and outstanding organiser. Since 2003 academician O. Sh. Jalairi has been a member of the Legal Policy Council under the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, and active participant of various discussions to help develop Kazakhstan into a state that is really governed by the rule of law.

In 2005 he became the Chairman of the Board of the Republican Public Association Lawyers for Fair Elections, and Chairman of the Almaty Oblast Coordination Board of the Presidential Elections Watchdog Committee. In 2007 he was a member of the Working Group for Finalizing Modifications of and Amendments to the Constitution of the Republic of Kazakhstan. In 2017 he was appointed as a member of the Working Committee for Redistribution of Authorities between Branches of Power. Academician O. Sh. Jalairi is the President of Kazakh Criminology Association, and represents Central Asia and Kazakhstan in the Union of Criminologists and Criminalists of Russia. He is also a member of the International Union of Lawyers, corresponding fellow of Saint-Petersburg Academy of Sciences and Arts, academician of the Academy of Sciences of the Higher School of Kazakhstan, and full member (academician) of the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences of Kazakhstan.

Gulmira Kaisarovna Bilyalova
Doctor in Philosophy
Professor of the Eurasian Law Academy

The lecture will be delivered in Russian.

107 Kurmangazy Street (intersected by Baitursynov Street),
5th Floor, Lecture Hall #507 
Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan

Please confirm your participation  with your name and affiliation by sending an e-mail to vuzkunaeva@vuzkunaeva.kz.

* Ideas presented in this lecture reflect the personal opinion of the speaker and do not necessarily represent the views of the University of Central Asia and/or its employees.
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