AKHP Public Lecture May 31st: Impact of Climate Change on the Agricultural Ecosystems of the Pamirs

Date: 31 May 2018
Other languages: Русский язык |
May 31st 2018, 12:00 pm
Khorog, Tajikistan

Kuvvatbek Odilbekov 
Candidate of Biological Sciences  
Deputy Director for Academic Affairs of the H. Yusufbekov Pamir Biological Institute under the Academy of Science of the Republic of Tajikistan

The Pamirs is one of the largest mountainous regions in Central Asia with rather harsh environment, which nevertheless has certain biodiversity of flora and fauna. Preservation of this biodiversity depends on the climatic conditions and socio-economic performance of the country. Average altitudes in the Pamirs fluctuate from 1,100 to 5,000 meters above sea level, with some summits reaching 7,500 meters. More than 50% of the territory of the Pamirs is located at elevations, exceeding 3,000 meters. The Pamirs has unique landscapes – subtropics and alpine meadows, permanent snows and high-mountain dessert. The extreme factors that significantly impact the biodiversity of the Pamirs include dryness of air, high exposure to the sun, and low temperatures with sharp 24-hour fluctuations. Due to the high altitude and extreme aridity the plants in the Pamirs have to exist on the verge of their ability to survive. All these aspects along with man-made factors and climate change significantly impact the high-mountain ecosystems and biodiversity of the region. 

Since 2014, Kuvvatbek Odilbekov has been the Deputy Director for Academic Affairs of the Pamir Biological Institute under the Academy of Science of the Republic of Tajikistan, and the Director of Pamir Botanical Garden of the Pamir Biological Institute under the Academy of Science of the Republic of Tajikistan. In 1989, Mr. Odilbekov defended his doctoral dissertation in the Institute of Physiology and Biophysics under the Academy of Science of the Republic of Tajikistan (Dushanbe). In 2010-2014, he was the Head of the Laboratory of Experimental Ecology of Plants with the Pamir Biological Institute. 
Dr Munira Tavakalova
PhD, Philosophy
Head of the Department of Philosophy and Political Studies
Khorog State University 

The lecture will be delivered in Russian.

University of Central Asia
School of Professional and Continuing Education, Khorog
126 Lenin Street
Khorog, Tajikistan

Please confirm your participation with your name and affiliation by sending an e-mail to: tavakalova72@rambler.ru (Munira Tavakalova); gulbahor.raqamova@ucentralasia.org (Gulbahor Raqamova); sumbulmo.nekqadamova@ucentralasia.org (Sumbulmo Nekqadamova).

* Ideas presented in this lecture reflect the personal opinion of the speaker and do not necessarily represent the views of the University of Central Asia and/or its employees.
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