NTS TV: Open House at the University of Central Asia in Naryn

Date: 17 February 2020
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UCA is not just an educational institution. This is the only university (not only in the country, but throughout Central Asia) that focuses on the development of mountain regions. That is why the University has put its campuses in remote areas, rather than in the capital cities of the republics, where it operates. It Kyrgyzstan the campus is located in Naryn, in Tajikistan – in Khorog, in Kazakhstan – Tekeli. Today, the University invites students, who are willing to pursue one of the four specialties: Computer Science, Communications and Media, Economics, Earth and Environmental Sciences.

Currently the campus in Kyrgyzstan can accept 130 students, but plans to expand in the near future – there are a lot of those, who willing to study in UCA.

Dr.Diana Pauna, Dean of the School of Arts and Sciences: “We create opportunities for young people from Naryn Oblast. There are many good students here, and we give them an opportunity to study”.    

While the tuition is $ 5000, it does not imply that the University is unaffordable for most residents of our regions. Only few students pay the full amount. Most students receive financial support from the University. The average fee is $ 1400, i.e. less than $ 120 per month. Moreover, this amount includes not only the undergraduate course itself, but also textbooks, training materials, laptops, room and board, medical care, the right to use the fitness center and gyms. The students are supported by experienced Student Life Advisors, and can get any advice at any time.

Nurbek Tursunov, UCA student: “Financial support is provided on two grounds. The first ground is financial needs. The second – the results of the admission tests; thus, one needs to get more than 80% in mathematics, logic, English essay and English grammar.”

Moreover, some students study for free. They are those, who passed the exams with flying colors. Such students receive academic scholarship that covers 100% of all costs. 

Azamat Asylbekov, brother of a potential student: “We have come from Issyk-Kul. The conditions here are very good. We also like the educational approach. We have already checked many universities, and have chosen the University of Central Asia. I hope that my sister will receive a “Gold Certificate” on ORT test, and will study here for free.”

The University has a well-thought-out approach to education, which helped it to bring experienced faculty from around the world. Professors say the UCA leadership is willing to support all kinds of projects, which attracts professionals in various fields.
Soheil Ashrafi, Assistant Professor of Communications and Media: “When I found out that the mission of the University was to help mountain regions, I became very interested. At the moment I had taught in Australia for 15 years, but decided to accept the invitation and come here. The University offers many opportunities for research work. We also organize various conferences. The University is new, and as such always looks for new approaches to education”    

The University contributes to the development of the regions not only by helping young people get good education. For example, the UCA provides multiple employment opportunities to Kyrgyz citizens. When the campus opened, it provided jobs to residents of Naryn Oblast and neighboring regions.

Tologon Tursunbaev, chef of the dining hall: “The dining hall mostly employs Naryn community members. It offers very good working conditions, transportation for the staff, as well as features new kitchen equipment. The salaries are paid without delays”. 

It should be noted that the students here are also provided with transport services. Every 2 weeks specials buses bring them to Bishkek. Students who are originally from Bishkek can visit their relatives, while those who come from other countries can stay with their friends. The same conditions are created in Khorog. The campus in Tekeli is under construction, and is expected to open in 2022. 
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