The Economy of China by Dr Ralph Huenemann (21 May - 16 June 2012)

Date: 27 May 2012

The University of Central Asia's School of Professional and Continuing Education is organizing an evening summer course on "The Economy of China" by Dr Ralph Huenemann (University of Victoria, Canada) from 21 May - 16 June 2012 in Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic.

This course will help students to understand China’s economy and its trade and investment relationships with the rest of the world.

The course will begin by exploring briefly the geographical, cultural and historical context. Then the Chinese economy will be examined in more detail, with a primary focus on the transition (still incomplete) from a largely self-reliant, centrally-planned economy to more open, market-oriented institutions since the reforms that began in 1978. Finally, the current business climate in China, especially its international aspects will be discussed. 

  • understand the implications of China’s economic reforms, and why the economic system remains a mixed one; 
  • understand China’s policy dilemmas, and the current climate for international business dealings; and 
  • further develop the capacity to analyze policy choices and predict policy outcomes, to identify business opportunities, and to evaluate strategic business decisions.
For more information on the course, please see pdf attached or contact:
Asel Turgunbaeva
School of Professional and Continuing Education Learning Centre, Bishkek 
University of Central Asia
138 Toktogul St. 720001 Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic 
Tel: +996 (312) 910 822 (ext. 201)
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