University of Central Asia launches Sustainable Mountain Development Report and a special issue of Mountain Research and Development journal on Central Asian Mountain Societies in Transition

Date: 11 December 2012
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The University of Central Asia’s (UCA) Mountain Societies Research Centre (MSRC) and the Mountain Partnership (MP) Central Asia Hub launched a report on Sustainable Mountain Development in Central Asia – From Rio 1992 to Rio2012 and Beyond and a special issue of the journal Mountain Research and Development (MRD) on Central Asian Mountain Societies in Transition in Bishkek, on 2 November 2012.

Sustainable Mountain Development in Central Asia – From Rio 1992 to Rio2012 and Beyond is a regional progress report on sustainable mountain development in Central Asia since the landmark 1992 Earth Summit. The report was jointly produced by MSRC and MP Central Asia Hub, along with Zoï Environment Network and GRID-Arendal. It is available in English and Russian at

"The report was generated as part of efforts to influence negotiations at the recent Rio+20 Summit and will serve as a long-lasting resource for researchers, practitioners and policymakers," said Dr Chad Dear, MSRC Senior Research Scientist.

MSRC Research Scientist Dr Chad Dear highlights
the contribution of the regional report to mountain
research knowledge on Central Asia.








Along with an analysis of the region’s progress in sustainable mountain development over the past 20 years, the report provides background information on mountain ecosystems and societies in Central Asia and recommendations for action. It also presents 15 case studies of innovative responses to challenges and opportunities faced by mountain communities in the region, written by MP members from Tajikistan, the Kyrgyz Republic and Kazakhstan.

Dr Dear and MSRC Director Dr Horst Weyerhaeuser served as guest editors for Central Asian Mountain Societies in Transition, a special issue of the leading international peer-reviewed journal MRD, published by the International Mountain Society, of which UCA is an institutional member. The issue features information on MSRC and a peer-reviewed synthesis of MSRC’s first background paper on mountain pastoralism.

Other articles in the issue include: an analysis of development initiatives on pasture governance reforms, climate change adaptation, large carnivore conservation, and thermal insulation, and quality of life in remote mountain communities in Afghan Badakhshan; and innovative scientific research on differing meanings of pasture, changing pasture use, pasture tenure, farming system modeling, and livelihoods in conflict areas. The issue is available in English and Russian at; access to the individual articles is available via

Participants at the launch review the new
MSRC publications








“The publication of the special issue of MRD focused on Central Asian mountain societies and its translation into Russian is part of MSRC's objective to generate sound academic and application-focused research and make it accessible to people in the region and around the world. The 11 peer-reviewed articles are a significant contribution to scholarly and applied research on Central Asian mountain societies. The translation into Russian - a first for the journal--will help ensure that the knowledge is accessible and used to inform future research, policy, and practice in the region,” said Dr Dear.

It is the first time in the history of MRD that an entire issue is translated. The special issue and the translation into Russian are a result of fruitful collaboration between MSRC and the Centre for Development and Environment, University of Bern. UCA’s Communications Department translated, reviewed and designed the publication in Russian.

“For both UCA and CDE, it is a remarkable achievement. The UCA Communications team, led by Nisar Keshvani, Head of Communications, efficiently produced the high quality Russian version, matching MRD’s design from beginning to end. For MRD, this is a first, and hopefully will be replicated in other regions where English is not a main language of communication. The publisher and our authors are grateful that the language barrier was overcome in this manner,” said Anne Zimmermann, MRD Associate Editor.

Zoi Network’s Viktor Novikov’s shares analysis
from the regional report.







MSRC was launched in 2011 as the first of several planned research centres within UCA. MSRC aims to generate and promote the application of sound research on sustainable mountain development in Central Asia. For more information, see:

The Mountain Partnership (MP) is a United Nations voluntary alliance of partners dedicated to improving the lives of mountain people and protecting mountain environments around the world. The MP Central Asian Hub is hosted by UCA’s MSRC, and facilitates knowledge and information sharing on sustainable mountain development and fosters joint initiatives with 20 MP members from the region. For more information, see:

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