UCA Formally Hands Over Dasht Village Road to Khorog Municipality in presence of Khorog Mayor

Date: 20 August 2014
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A new 2.5 kilometre road connecting the Khorog Intercity Road to the Dasht Village was completed by the University of Central Asia (UCA). It was officially handed over to the Khorog Municipality and the State Commission Department in the presence of Mayor Faromuz Imomberdiev on 18 August 2014.
Khorog Mayor Faromuz Imomberdiev and the accompanying government delegation tour the Khorog campus site and adjacent new Dasht road.
The handover ceremony was also witnessed by Mr Kishovarz Shogunbekov, Head of Architectural Department; Mr Dilovar Nasullobekov, Head of Land Department; and Mr Tohir Abdolbekov, Head of Public Utility Department.
The two-lane Dasht road is part of several infrastructure projects completed by UCA, which are essential for full scale construction to begin, and have employed some 250 local residents. The road took five months to complete and connects the University’s Khorog main campus site to the upper Dasht plateau, where many local communities reside.
Construction of the road was carried out by Pomir, a Khorog-based company, while road lighting was completed by Pamir Energo Service, both employing workers from the Dasht and Khithdj villages.
The 2.5 km Dasht road handed over to Khorog Municipality and the State Commission Departments is part of several infrastructure projects completed by UCA that contribute to communities neighbouring its future campus site.
“On behalf of the Khorog Municipality, we would like to express our gratitude to UCA management and construction team for materialising this new road. We look forward to continued collaboration between the local government as the University develops in the coming years,” said Mayor Imomberdiev.
The government delegation also toured the campus site, located 2,100 metres above sea level on land provided by the Government of the Republic of Tajikistan. They saw the completed and ongoing preparatory works such as the intensive removal and crushing process of 160,000 cubic metres of rock, expected to be completed by mid-October. This rock will be used as base material for roads and buildings, concrete manufacturing and general construction use.
Since 2004, local construction companies have actively engaged in tender processes, completing UCA’s development of a water supply line from Khuzyel to Dashatak, a high voltage electric line for the Dashtak community, a road for relocated buildings, and a Green Wall around the Khorog campus. In 2010, UCA has also supplied Dasht village with access to a 1,770 metre drinking water pipeline.
“To ensure UCA is inclusive, we work with local construction companies and nearby communities. The Dasht Village Road is both an opportunity for us to facilitate and contribute high quality access to utilities and services to the neighbourhoods around our future campus site,” said Mr Grant Robertson, UCA Director of Construction.
Space planning for the Khorog campus site is completed, and detailed design plans are in progress. Numerous construction companies have tendered for site setup works and excavations. UCA’s construction works are carried out almost entirely by local residents. Dushanbe and Districts of Republican Subordination entities have also expressed interest to bid for advanced and site preparation works. 
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