Framing the Debate on the Application of Sharia in the Egyptian Legal System

Date: 17 November 2015
Dr Gianluca Parolin, Associate Professor, Institute for the Study of Muslim Cultures, Aga Khan University, London, United Kingdom
Dr Parolin will frame the call for the Application of Sharia in the development of the modern legal system in Egypt. The call cannot be understood outside such a framework, but what could it mean? Dr Parolin will articulate a few possible readings.
Dr Parolin joined the Aga Khan University's Institute for the Study of Muslim Cultures in September 2015 with a specialism in comparative law. He is also the University lead on the Governance Project. Parolin previously worked at the American University Cairo in the Department of Law, having served as a research fellow and earlier as a post-doc in the Law Department of the University of Torino (Italy), his Alma mater, which awarded him an LLB/LLM (2001, with honours) and later a PhD in public law (2006).
Over the past few years, Parolin has held visiting positions in New York, Rome, Tokyo, Trento and Zurich.
The presentation will be conducted in English.
Date, time and location
17 November 2015, 15:30. University of Central Asia, 47A Druzhba Narodov Avenue, Dushanbe, Room 101.
Please RSVP to  with your name and affiliation. 
* The views presented in this lecture are those of the presenter and not necessarily those of the University of Central Asia or any of its staff
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