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09 December 2015 | PUBLIC LECTURE SERIES
Jobs Diagnostics in the Kyrgyz Republic: How to Create Better Jobs?
Jobs are at the centre of sustainable poverty reduction and improved living standards.  As a result, around the world, countries have identified creating more and better jobs as a top development challenge.  Many development trends in the Kyrgyz Republic indicate the need for better jobs outcomes, such as persistent levels of poverty, low levels of formal sector job creation and rapid rates of out-migration that could impact the availability of skills needed for future growth and development. 
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09 December 2015 | PUBLIC LECTURE SERIES
Economic Mobility in the Kyrgyz Republic
The report focuses on the degree and main characteristics of economic mobility in the Kyrgyz Republic. Mobility analysis can help to unveil what happened below the surface of poverty stagnation of 2009, thereby enabling to understand whether the reduced pace in poverty eradication was associated with mobility in and out of the poverty status and to obtain a profile of the corresponding groups. 
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17 November 2015 | PUBLIC LECTURE SERIES
Framing the Debate on the Application of Sharia in the Egyptian Legal System
Dr Parolin will frame the call for the Application of Sharia in the development of the modern legal system in Egypt. The call cannot be understood outside such a framework, but what could it mean? Dr Parolin will articulate a few possible readings.

Grazing Disturbance as a Tool to Enhance Rangeland Health
This presentation will focus on selected studies that examine the impact of grazing by cattle, examine the role of litter (dead plant material) in the ecosystem and make an argument for its application at a time when bison have been extirpated and fires are actively suppressed.
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Central Europe's Special Role in the History of Europe
This region has always played a special role in the history of Europe. From the beginning of the first millennium, when the kings of this region decided to follow Christianity, governed by Rom, they marked the later destiny of their land forever. In the turbulent times of the Middle Ages, during the Enlightenment and Romanticism and later on until the end of the First World War, these people tried to find their balance, living on the borderline between East and West. 

Higher Education and Science Reform in Republic of Kazakhstan: Diverse Trajectories of Developing Partnerships
This presentation describes key educational reforms in higher education in Kazakhstan and the Graduate School of Education, Nazarbayev University’s (NUGSE) role in contributing to these reforms. 
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26 September 2015 | PUBLIC LECTURE SERIES
Poetry and Wisdom in the 21st Century: Thinking Out Loud
Drawing on his experience in the arts and media, renowned writer, poet, playwright and screenplay writer Temur Kasymovich Zulfikarov will address key issues of the 21st Century related to identity, technology and media and philosophy in this lecture. Questions to be considered and discussed include: Where is humanity headed?  What will happen to us and our children in a globalised world? Who are the true prophets of our problematic times? How do wisdom and poetry feel in the era of the Internet? Who reads great books in the age of show business? 
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The Challenge of Establishing World-Class Universities in Emerging Countries
Contextualizing the drive for world-class higher education institutions and the power of international and domestic university rankings, this lecture outlines possible strategies and pathways for establishing globally competitive universities and explores the challenges, costs, and risks involved. Its findings will be of particular interest to policy makers, university leaders, researchers, and development practitioners. 
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Migration and Gender Relations: How Does Russia Shape a Tajik Male Migrant's Perspective?
Migration has, in many ways, come to define the current economic situation in Tajikistan and Central Asia. Of course, movement of this kind, at such a scale, also has profound effects on individuals and society here in Tajikistan, both for those who go and for those—individuals and communities—who remain behind. This presentation will explore migration’s effects on the views and perceptions of those who travel, through the lens of Tajik taxi drivers.

Beyond Remittances: Three Perspectives on the Myriad, Deeper, Personal Effects of Migration
The presentations introduce ongoing anthropological and ethnographic field research at three different field sites in Tajikistan to explore the effects of migration on land and people. Finally, these presentations will consider the dynamic state of migration—the recent Russian economic downturn, Russian visa policies—to ask how variations might relate to gender relations and land use. How much will change if more migrants come back, if more stay?

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