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23 February 2018 | PUBLIC LECTURE SERIES
AKHP Public Lecture: Traditions and Customs of Kazakh People as a Factor for Spiritual Revival of the Nation
Traditions, customs and mindsets of Kazakh people are the cornerstones of their ethnic culture and ethnic awareness. Our distinctive mental attitude and unique features, which distinguish us from other people, will be interesting for the rest of the world. Moreover, in the context of political and economic modernisation they make our nation more competitive.
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15 February 2018 | PUBLIC LECTURE SERIES
IPPA Public Lecture: Fiscal Policy for Technological Development in Central Asia
The countries of Central Asia are now entering into a new stage of their development when labor productivity becomes the main driving force of economic growth. The lecture will provide an overview of public finances (government budget revenue, expenditure and deficit) and analyze these governments’ fiscal policies and what these policies can do for technological development.
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AKHP Public Lecture: Research Findings on Cereal Crops in Gorno-Badakhshan
The research provides some information about a research trip to the Pamirs, made by one of the luminaries of world science and academician, N. I. Vavilov, in 1916. He was among the first scholars conducting phyto-agronomic studies of plants of Gorno-Badakhshan. Upon returning from Pamirs, N. I. Vavilov began to realise the patterns in hereditary variation, which resulted in the discovery of the law of homologous series (Vavilov’s Law).
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26 December 2017 | PUBLIC LECTURE SERIES
AKHP Public Lecture: East and West: Modern Trends in Cinematography
The lecture will be devoted to a comparative analysis of the current state of cinematography in Central Asia and the West. Today the art of cinema reveals its huge potential in any of its manifestations. New technologies have opened new opportunities for cinema. It is not just about total “computerisation” with computer graphics replacing the usual film, but also about completely new trends such as 5D and interactive cinema, and 3D movies that can be watched at home.
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13 December 2017 | PUBLIC LECTURE SERIES
UCA Lecture: When Central Asia was Central, and How to Make it so Again
This lecture highlighted how religious and ethnic intolerance undermined and eventually destroyed the glorious era of Central Asia a 1000 years ago.

06 December 2017 | PUBLIC LECTURE SERIES
AKHP Public Lecture: Constitutional Reforms in the Republic of Kazakhstan
The 2017 Constitutional Reform is a new stage of the political history of sovereign Kazakhstan, and a logical outcome of the stage-by-stage democratic development of the Republic of Kazakhstan. This reform of the Constitution of Kazakhstan – which was widely discussed in, and supported by, the society – delegated certain powers from the President to other branches of power, facilitated independence of the Government and strengthened responsibility for the decisions it makes. 
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30 November 2017 | PUBLIC LECTURE SERIES
IPPA Public Lecture: Multidimensional Poverty
This presentation reviews different approaches to describe welfare and wellbeing in a country, and then uses the multidimensional measure for Armenia  and the Kyrgyz Republic to illustrate how a non-monetary measure of welfare captures the complexity, depth and persistence of poverty and offers important information to complement the analysis of monetary (consumption) poverty.
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25 November 2017 | PUBLIC LECTURE SERIES
AKHP Public Lecture: Study on Adaptation of Agricultural Crops in Tajikistan and Afghanistan in Light of Climate Change
The problem of global climate change in the course of human impact on the environment is extremely topical for individual societies, in particular, and the whole world community, in general. Over the recent period, large quantities of species, forms, kinds, families and varieties of local flora and fauna have disappeared, especially in mountainous regions of the world, including Tajikistan. On the other hand, risks associated with global warming continue to pose new challenges for the state, scientists and the population, to ensure food security in the future.
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AKHP Public Lecture: Linguistic Ethnogenesis Processes of Pamir Ethnic Groups
Despite numerous scientific works by national and foreign scientists, the origin of sedentary Pamir-Badakhshan peoples in very distant times remains to be a quite controversial and contradictory question.
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27 September 2017 | PUBLIC LECTURE SERIES
IPPA Public Lecture: Central Asian "Characteristics" on China’s New Silk Road
China’s $1 trillion One Belt, One Road (OBOR) infrastructure project has significant landscape, socio-economic, and political implications in recipient countries.
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