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11 December 2014 | PUBLIC LECTURE SERIES
The Impact of Kumtor Gold Mine on the Economic and Social Development of Kyrgyzstan
This lecture will present the findings of an impartial, evidence-based and rigorous assessment of Kumtor’s impact on current and future economic and social development in the Kyrgyz Republic, designed to inform discussions on the country’s onward development and the development of the mining sector in particular.
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27 November 2014 | PUBLIC LECTURE SERIES
Priming Economic Growth in the Context of Uncertainty and External Influences
Lecture will consider the following: requirements for regions on successful economic growth in the context of uncertainty and the increase of external influences; basic development models of territories and economic goals of the models; approaches to priming economic growth; modern tools to prime economic growth of territories, and the main principles and use of tools in the context of growing external influences. 
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20 November 2014 | PUBLIC LECTURE SERIES
Work, Productivity and Jobs in the Kyrgyz Republic
Jobs are at the centre of sustainable poverty reduction and improved living standards.  As a result, around the world, countries have identified creating more and better jobs as a top development challenge.  Many development trends in the Kyrgyz Republic indicate the need for better jobs outcomes, such as persistent levels of poverty, low levels of formal sector job creation and rapid rates of out-migration that could impact the availability of skills needed for future growth and development.

12 September 2014 | PUBLIC LECTURE SERIES
Understanding the Link between Climate Change and Alpine Cryosphere
This lecture will describe the impact of climate change on three aspects of the cryosphere: snow cover, glaciers and permafrost. It will also discuss the importance of long-term monitoring based on modern approaches, including establishing a sound database to allow for more accurate estimates of changes in sea levels, river runoffs and natural hazards and help reduce uncertainties about climate change. 
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11 September 2014 | PUBLIC LECTURE SERIES
Well-being and Coping Strategies of Single Mothers in Osh after the 2010 Conflict in Kyrgyzstan
The 2010 inter-communal violence in Kyrgyzstan left the women of Osh exposed to many difficulties. Satisfactory living conditions were replaced by increased challenges such as deteriorating health and education systems, declining communication and economic opportunity and the loss of property. The increased mortality rate of males and labour migration during and after the conflict resulted in an increased number of single mothers. This study investigates trends related to the well-being of these women, examining their coping mechanisms and the factors that make their lives meaningful in post-conflict Osh.
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Communication, Media, and Critical Thinking in the 21st Century
The age-old problem of misunderstanding between people persists despite the remarkable growth of communications technology and the interweaving of the world’s peoples through globalization. The human race has invested enormously in the means of communication. Vast amounts of data are whizzing across the planet at a lightning pace. Satellites, the Internet, mobile devices, and other media are increasingly enabling people in mountains and deserts to participate in the 21st century feast of information. But let us remember the questions that the poet T.S. Eliot asked 90 years ago: “Where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge? Where is the knowledge we have lost in information?”
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How Can We Anticipate Climate Change in Mountain Communities?
Climate change is occurring in regions with already existing layers of inequities. Furthermore, communities that did not contribute to the causes of climate change are at its vanguard and are experiencing dramatic perturbations. Using applied research from the Pamir Mountains of  Central Asia, this presentation will discuss the possible contributions biological and social sciences as well as the humanities can make to building anticipatory and adaptive capacity. Drawing on indigenous calendars, this presentation will propose a collaborative and interdisciplinary way forward.
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CATCOS: Re-establishing Long-term Glacier Monitoring in Kyrgyzstan, Central Asia
The lecture explore the methodology and results of glacier monitoring in Central Asia conducted by the Capacity Building and Twinning for Climate Observing Systems (CATCOS) project, which aims to improve climate relevant measurements in data sparse regions

Poverty Updates: The Case of the Kyrgyz Republic
This lecture will present poverty and shared prosperity trends in the Kyrgyz Republic, using data and calculations from the 2008 to2012 Kyrgyz Integrated Household Survey. It will also include regional comparisons to other Central Asian countries and Central and Eastern European countries, and analysis of mobility and growth studies.  Finally, significant drivers of poverty reduction will be discussed.
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Recent Progress of Women in Afghanistan and Kyrgyzstan: A Case Study of Kabul and Bishkek
Afghanistan has been politically unstable for almost four decades. During Taliban rule, women were deprived of an education and government or private sector employment. Under the current government, there has been some progress in the participation of women in different sectors. In comparison, women in Kyrgyzstan have held prominent public roles. 

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