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The Perestroika Period in Central Asian Societies: History and Collective Memory by Dr Irina Morozova and Dr Gulnara Aitpaeva
The re-conceptualisation of socialist socio-historical and cultural legacies that began during Perestroika impacted public and academic understandings of how the whole region of Central Asia is now shaped.
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03 February 2012 | PUBLIC LECTURE SERIES
Nursing Education, Profession and Practice in Bishkek: A Situational Analysis by Salima Somani
This lecture will present findings and recommendations of a situational analysis of nursing in Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic, undertaken in 2011 on behalf of the University of Central Asia. The aim of the study was to generate a clear understanding of the healthcare system in Bishkek, with a focus on nursing education and professional practice.
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13 December 2011 | PUBLIC LECTURE SERIES
Non-electoral protest groups in an electoral environment: the ‘new settlements’ of Bishkek and the 2011 presidential elections in Kyrgyzstan by Dr John Heathershaw
This lecture describes three case studies of non-electoral protest groups by so-called ‘land-grabbers’ (zemlyazakhvatchiki) in the new settlements (novostroyka) of Bishkek during the 2011 Presidential Elections in the Kyrgyz Republic. 
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02 December 2011 | PUBLIC LECTURE SERIES
Achievements and drawbacks of National Scholarship Testing in Kyrgyzstan by Dr. Duishon Shamatov
A scholastic aptitude test called National Scholarship Test (NST) was introduced in the Kyrgyz Republic in 2002 to assess secondary school graduates and provide them with opportunities to fairly qualify for state-funded seats at universities.
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18 November 2011 | PUBLIC LECTURE SERIES
Film Screening - The Desert of Forbidden Art by Amanda Pope and Tchavdar Georgiev
18 November 2011 - The incredible story of how a treasure trove of banned Soviet art worth millions of dollars is stashed in a far-off desert in Uzbekistan that develops into a larger exploration of how art survives in times of oppression. 
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Social Dynamic and Conflict: A Study of Public Opinion in South Kyrgyzstan by Asel Murzakulova, Policy Expert, Polis Asia, Bishkek.
The main goals of the research was to investigate: (i) conflict and social resistance to conflict; (ii) experiences and practices of the institution of mediation in the contemporary cities of Osh and Jalal-abad; (iii) sociocultural stereotypes such as conflict potential; and (iv) understanding and interpretation of terms such as authority and power by the contemporary society.  In this presentation, Ms Murzakulova, a Policy Expert at Polis Asia, provides an overview of findings from these studies.

13 September 2011 | PUBLIC LECTURE SERIES
Roundtable on Еffects of Migration on Rural Livelihoods and Families in Central Asia by Antje Elisabeth Kröger, Bakhrom Mirkasimov and Lira Sagynbekova
This roundtable brings together three interrelated research topics on the affects of migration on rural livelihoods and families in Central Asia. Antje describes how migration affects children's welfare and intra-household decision-making when the household has a migrant. Her research demonstrates that having a migrant in the household increases children's household duties and decreases school enrolment rates, particularly for girls.
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Exploring Soil Erosion in High Altitude Pastures of Kyrgyzstan (by Maksim Kulikov, Hamburg University)
This lecture presents the preliminary findings of a doctoral study to analyze and compare the situation of soil degradation in four sites of Arslanbab region of Jalalabad region of Kyrgyz Republic. 
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Becoming Muslim in Uzbekistan: The Moral Quality of Experience (by Dr Johan Rasanayagam, University of Aberdeen)
This presentation explores the processes of moral reasoning by which individuals in Uzbekistan develop understandings of Islam and what it means to be a Muslim.
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Weather and Water Patterns in Kara Kulja, Osh: A Climate Change Analysis (by Laurie Ashley and Dr Natasha Ershova)
Combining multiple information sources, an Aga Khan Foundation-led climate change analysis revealed that climate change impacts are already having implications for agriculture, water resources, and non-seismic natural disasters. 
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