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Fees and Financial Assistance

Education at the University of Central Asia is heavily subsidized, and once admitted on merit, a student’s financial constraints are not a barrier to quality education. UCA’s generous financial aid programme ensures that admission is based solely on merit, and the ability to pay fees is not a consideration during the selection process. Once a student is admitted, financial assistance is guaranteed.

Fees are paid in the national currency where the Campuses are located and fixed for the entire period of undergraduate programme. Tuition fees at UCA are the equivalent of US$5000 per year, which is less than most universities in Central Asia, as well as China, Turkey, and Russia. Moreover, as mentioned above, depending on the financial circumstances of the student, tuition fees can be subsidized or waived for deserving and meritorious students.

Unlike other universities in the region where students have to arrange for their own housing and meals, UCA provides a unique residential experience for their undergraduate students. Its modern on-campus facilities include attractive accommodations, meals, laptops, health insurance, and other facilities, and cost the equivalent of $3000 for the academic year, which is also eligible for subsidy.

Student fees represent a fraction of the total cost of education: up to 95 percent of the cost per student is subsidised by UCA.

Tuition feeS include academic instruction, textbooks, and instructional material, laptop computer, accommodation and meals, health insurance plan, fitness centre, sports, recreation, individual tutorials and counselling, and wifi connection.

Full scholarships are awarded on a competitive basis to meritorious students from Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan and Kazakhstan. These include:

  • Exceptional academic achievements in UCA's admissions test,
  • 1st place award in Republican Olympiads in all subjects,
  • Gold Certificate winners for the General Republican Testing (ORT).

Relevant certificates and other documents should be submitted by shortlisted candidates to UCA's Admissions Office.

In the case of exceptional academic performance at the UCA’s admissions test, students may be eligible for conditional direct enrolment to the second year of UCA's five-year degree.

Frequently Asked Questions

Student fees are heavily subsided at UCA. After receiving financial aid, 50% of any balance due is paid by September 1st of the relevant academic year, and the remaining 50% by January 10th. Student contributions should be paid through a bank transfer to the bank account specified in the invoice provided by UCA in accordance with national governing laws.

Each student is required to sign a student services agreement prior to starting their studies at the University of Central Asia.

Financial aid applications are available to all shortlisted candidates, and students apply annually for assistance. Financial Aid decisions are made by a committee and not by any one individual.

Admission to UCA is based on merit. The University is committed to admitting the best and brightest students from both urban and rural areas of Central Asia, regardless of economic status. No student is denied admission to UCA on financial grounds, and once admitted, financial assistance is guaranteed.

  • Interest free loans are offered in the national currency.
  • An administration fee of two percent (2%) per annum is assessed from the date of loan disbursement.
  • Loan payments start two years after graduation, and after this grace period, students can take up to 10 years to repay their loan.
  • Scholarships are awarded based on the academic and extracurricular performance of the student during the previous year.
  • Students are shortlisted by an independent committee, and in some cases an essay competition is also required.
  • Some scholarships fully provide for the student’s expenses, so they do not have to pay any fees. While other scholarships pay for the loan component, and any left-over balance offsets the self-pay component of the financial assessment.
  • Once a scholarship is granted, it continues for the duration of the study at UCA until graduation, provided the student maintains a cumulative GPA of 3 or more, and is in good standing with UCA’s student code of conduct.