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Kevin holds master’s in art history from Aberdeen University and English Language Teaching from Leeds Met University. He also has a CELTA certificate and a DipTESOL awarded by Sheffield Hallam University.

Kevin has prior experience of teaching in Germany, England, Iraqi Kurdistan, Kazakhstan and China. He has been a programme leader and faculty of EAP for fifteen years. He also has experience in teaching IELTS teaching and training teachers.

Kevin is a keen believer that students benefit from an immersive language experience and English learning should not be confined within the classroom. His main research interests include development of student-centered teaching resources.  

Kevin has published articles about the relevance of teaching material, use of IT in classroom, and using poetry as a teaching aid. He has also published books about referencing and citing properly, and Christmas hymns and songs. His recent publication is, "The English Melancholy: from before Shakespeare to beyond The Beatles."