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Building Human Capital in Afghanistan

At the heart of the University of Central Asia’s (UCA) core values is promoting quality education relevant to the ever-evolving dynamics of the real world. The Graduate School of Development’s Institute of Public Policy and Administration (GSD IPPA) translated UCA’s vision into reality with the introduction of the Executive Master in Economic Policy (EMEP) Programme.

UCA partnered with the Ministry of Finance of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan (MOF AFG) to introduce EMEP programme – open to Afghan civil servants. Supported by Canada’s International Development Research Centre (IDRC) and the Agha Khan Foundation Canada (AKFC), EMEP is a tailor-made course promoting problem solving skills and analytical ability to understand today’s pressing issues faced by governments.

EMEP aims to equip students with sound theoretical knowledge, tools for economic analysis and policymaking to take on challenges faced by post-war transition and emerging economies. Branched into three terms spanning over a time period of twelve months, the course aims to develop an understanding of successful social service systems, financial institutions and an emerging economy driven by innovative solutions. The course design integrates real world examples and case studies to tailor the programme to the reality of Afghanistan and other Central Asian countries.

EMEP’s first batch of 56 graduates in 2018 progressed in their careers and some proceeded towards further studies in Europe. The success of the first batch of the EMEP programme encouraged applications for the academic year 2019 to increase manifold. UCA aims to carry forward its mission of quality education for world changing solutions. Stories of successful students inspire and motivate us to stay committed towards our vision.

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