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CTLT's Objectives

The Centre supports educators across UCA schools, programmes and units. Its focus is on enhancing the academic experience through exemplary teaching practices and engaging learning activities.


The Teaching Development programme is designed to help faculty develop and/or further their proficiencies in the area of curriculum planning, design, delivery, and assessment of student learning. It provides opportunities for new and mid-career faculty to explore links within, across and outside of the curriculum in order to develop a cross-disciplinary, experiential approach to learning that emphasizes diverse learning experiences.

It focuses on:

  • Developing high-quality learning outcomes aligned with authentic assessments.
  • Analyzing students’ needs and other situational factors that impact curriculum design and teaching practices.
  • Designing teaching and learning activities and assessment methods that are linked to the programme, and course outcomes which promote the development of UCA’s core literacies.
  • Facilitating the learning process, in and out of the classroom in an effective manner, and engaging learners in active and collaborative learning activities.
  • Engaging in reflective and evidence-based practice to continually explore, integrate and evaluate teaching strategies and practices.
  • Actively championing ethical and responsible practice and modelling UCA’s core.


The Digital and Distance Learning programme supports educators of all experience levels with integrating education technology tool to enrich student learning in the classroom, online and in blended formats. A range of emerging technologies and pedagogical practices for effective online and technology-enabled teaching and learning are explored. This could include quick tips, strategies, and tools for moving teaching and learning resources (e.g., lectures and readings) and practices (e.g., activities and assessments) online.

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