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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are a first-time user, you should register for an account by clicking the new user hyperlink. You will be prompted to enter your e-mail address and create a password.

To open the UCA online admission page, we recommend using Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Microsoft Edge browsers for best results.

Go to the UCA online admissions login page.

Applications for admissions for the academic year of 2023 are now open. Apply now.

Briefly, you must follow the instructions and hints on each page before proceeding to the next step. Doing this will ensure that all information required on a page is completed.

We recommend that you first review the relevant admission eligibility requirements before completing the online application. For a quick preview of the steps involved, please visit Admissions/HowtoApply/EN.

You should email for any questions regarding the online admissions process.

No, in order to register for an account, you must have an email ID. You should create one before going online to fill in the application form.

Remember: Make a note of the email address and password that you choose as you will need it to login again. All future correspondence will be sent to this email address. You will also need it to access information about your application status during the admissions process.

For security reasons, the password should be at least 7 characters including one special character (example. $ # @ %) and one numeric character (1 2 3 4). Bishkek@12 is an example. You should remember your password.

You will receive a registration confirmation email at your email address. If you have not received this within a few hours of registering, please check your Spam/Junk folder. In case it is not received, please write to us at

You must follow the instructions carefully, and read the displayed warnings. Prompts will appear on the system as you move along the pages of the application.

Please follow these steps:

1. Go to your confirmation email, sent to your email account; click on the link provided; this will take you to the login screen;

2. Enter your email ID and password; the same email ID and password which you entered for your account registration;

3. Your personal details and current contact details will open, if you are logging in for the first time.

Yes, you can. But the SAT scores will not be taken into consideration. The UCA Admissions test will take priority.


Yes, you can. But you have to make necessary arrangements to go to the designated test centres on your own. Or alternatively, you can submit your SAT and SAT Essay scores.

Contact the admissions team at or by phone/WhatsApp at +996 770 822 901 (Kyrgyzstan) / +992 93 999 99 64 (Tajikistan) / +7 777 822 3948 (Kazakhstan).

Admissions Application Checklist

  1. Online, scanned, or printed application forms (Applications for admissions are now open.)
  2. Copy of passport or government photo ID
  3. One photo taken during the past three months
  4. Academic transcripts for international students only

For students wishing to submit SAT and SAT Essay Scores, please use the University of Central Asia code 7834 OR send a scanned/official electronic version by March 2nd 2024 by email to: OR submit in person or by mail to:

University of Central Asia Central Administration Office
125/1 Toktogul Street, 
Bishkek, 720001

If students submit SAT Scores and also sit for UCA's Admissions Test, only the results of UCA's test will be taken into consideration.

Click here for more details

UCA's Admissions Test will be conducted at designated testing locations and is comprised of two sections including English and mathematics.

English: This standardised test consists of two sections: ESL Reading Skills test measures your ability to read English through the comprehension of short passages and ESL Sentence meaning test measures how well you understand the meaning of sentences in English. The minimum threshold to be shortlisted is a B1 level for UCA’s preparatory programme, and a B2/C1 level for direct entry. It is based on the Common European Framework for Reference in Languages (CEFR).

English as a Second Language (ESL) test sample questions.

Mathematics:The Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra, and Statistics placement test is a computer adaptive assessment of test takers’ ability for selected mathematics content. Questions will focus on a range of topics including computing with rational numbers, applying ratios and proportional reasoning, creating linear expressions and equations, graphing and applying linear equations, understanding probability and set notation, and interpreting graphical displays. In addition, questions may assess a student’s math ability via computational or fluency skills, conceptual understanding, or the capacity to apply mathematics presented in a context. All questions are multiple choice in format and appear discretely (stand-alone) across the assessment.

Quantitative Reasoning, Algebra, and Statistics test sample questions.

No, the admissions process (including the test sections) are the same for all academic programmes.

The test is free of charge.

You can refer to the attached sample questions for more details

Download Sample Test Questions

Test Centres *

Afghanistan: Shugnan | Kabul | Faizabad
Kazakhstan: Almaty | Nur-Sultan | Taraz | Tekeli
Kenya: Mombasa
Kyrgyzstan: Bishkek | Karakol | Naryn | Osh
Pakistan: Karachi | Gilgit | Chitral | Islamabad
Russian Federation: Moscow
Syria: Salamieh
Tajikistan: Dushanbe | Khorog | Khudjand | Kulob | Bokhtar

* Test centres may be subject to change

The UCA Admissions Test is conducted once a year in the 4-5 testing centers per country. Usually, the test is scheduled on the first Sunday of April. The exact date will be announced when the new admissions cycle starts. 

  • Scholarships are awarded based on the academic and extracurricular performance of the student during the previous year.
  • Students are shortlisted by an independent committee, and in some cases an essay competition is also required.
  • Some scholarships fully provide for the student’s expenses, so they do not have to pay any fees. While other scholarships pay for the loan component, and any left-over balance offsets the self-pay component of the financial assessment.
  • Once a scholarship is granted, it continues for the duration of the study at UCA until graduation, provided the student maintains a cumulative GPA of 3 or more, and is in good standing with UCA’s student code of conduct.
  • Interest free loans are offered in the national currency.
  • An administration fee of two percent (2%) per annum is assessed from the date of loan disbursement.
  • Loan payments start two years after graduation, and after this grace period, students can take up to 10 years to repay their loan.

Admission to UCA is based on merit. The University is committed to admitting the best and brightest students from both urban and rural areas of Central Asia, regardless of economic status. No student is denied admission to UCA on financial grounds, and once admitted, financial assistance is guaranteed.

Financial aid applications are available to all shortlisted candidates, and students apply annually for assistance. Financial Aid decisions are made by a committee and not by any one individual.

Each student is required to sign a student services agreement prior to starting their studies at the University of Central Asia.

Student fees are heavily subsided at UCA. After receiving financial aid, 50% of any balance due is paid by September 1st of the relevant academic year, and the remaining 50% by January 10th. Student contributions should be paid through a bank transfer to the bank account specified in the invoice provided by UCA in accordance with national governing laws.