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Student Life

      UCA empowers students to be positive, respectful change-makers by cultivating a healthy environment, a spirit of pluralism, a passion for learning and a commitment to social responsibility within their campus communities and across Central Asia. To complement their academics and research, students have opportunities to learn outside the classroom by engaging in multiple activities, clubs, leadership, and community services.

Community Service

Students initiate various community projects all-year round — from providing academic support to local town students to collecting garbage from the streets. 

UCA Students Green Community ECD Project (2)

Students and Student Life Advisors teach young kids from Khorog Town about the importance of caring for the environment.

Campus Extracurricular Youth Day Naryn (5)

Students organize Youth Day to communicate with the young people of Naryn town.

Students Tree Planting (1)

Students plant trees to help conserve the environment in Khorog town.

Town Naryn Youth Initiative Networking (1)

UCA students gather local youth to brainstorm ideas for social change initiatives.

Naryn Community Service Math Lessons (2)

Students conduct Math, English and Science tutorials for local community students year round.

Khorog Campus Cleaning (2)

Students collect garbage as part of the environment conservation plan initiated by UCA Green Community.

Students Showcase Cultural Diversity

Students Diversity Afghanistan Independence

Students at UCA campuses come from nine different countries. They engage in various pluralistic activities including the celebration of national holidays, independence days, cross-cultural trivia nights, dancing events, and much more.

The video on left was produced by Shahnoza Riqamova, Communications and Media, Class of 2022.

Student Clubs

Students form a vibrant and dynamic life within the campuses. There are various student clubs actively working in the spheres of dance, debate, Model United Nations, environment, science, arts, research, entrepreneurship, and more. 

Students Diversity (2)

The Student Dance Club has regular dance practices and members participate in various performances including cultural, classical, Korean and other dance.

Students Sports Club (1)

Both male and female sports clubs are active on Naryn and Khorog campuses. Students engage in local and regional championships with town communities.

Naryn Students Art Masterclass (3)

Student wellness and counseling clubs organise colouful art activities on a regular basis to not only produce artwork, but also offer art therapeutic sessions.

UCA Students Skiing (3)

The Student Life Office or Adventure Club arranges hiking, skiing and outdoor BBQ parties for students to experience the cold weather and winter sports..


The Student Model United Nation (MUN) Clubs at UCA organise invitations to national and international candidates to serve at the chairing committee and participate as delegates.

Across the Globe

UCA students travel around the world to participate in various events including Model United Nations, debate competitions, summer institutes, as an ambassador of UCA, and much more.

Students In

UCA students at NUST International Model United Nations, Pakistan.

Students In Thailand Debate

Students raise UCA's flag in Thailand while taking part at the World Universities Debating Championship

Students Kenya 2019

UCA students serve as ambassadors for the Communications and Media major offered at UCA during their trip to Aga Khan University's Graduate School of Media and Communications, Kenya.

Karlygash Cambridge Student 2020

A UCA student attends the Cambridge Summer Institute as part of the UCA-Cambridge international partnership.