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Office of Research and Development

The Office of Research and Development (ORD) serves as the link between external funding and the research and programmatic activities of the University of Central Asia.

The Office of Research and Development (ORD) assists, advises and guides UCA staff in support of the University’s research output and its development interventions, including:

  1. Identifying funding and partnership opportunities
  2. Coordinating proposal development
  3. Grant Management

ORD works across two main areas of UCA activity:


UCA’s research initiatives cover a broad spectrum of topics relevant to Central Asia and Afghanistan including climate change, natural resource management, economic policy, cultural heritage, digital resilience, and civil society. The University’s research outputs include experimental research, policy papers, and market analysis.


UCA’s approach to tackling regional development draws on international resources, expertise, and best practice, ensuring that activities are innovative, relevant, and have a meaningful impact on the societies in which it works. The research findings, policy recommendations, and years of experience in the region serve to inform programming that addresses critical and complex issues within Central Asia and Afghanistan. Examples of work include capacity development in languages, entrepreneurship and business development, civic awareness, and technical and vocational training.

Please visit the Graduate School of Development and the School of Professional and Continuing Education for more information.

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