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Afghanistan Research Initiative


The University of Central Asia’s Afghanistan Research Initiative (ARI) aims to help sustain the research and capacity gains made over the last decade and continue producing knowledge critical to the country’s present and future. ARI, a programme of the University’s Graduate School of Development, is supported by a three-year grant from Canada’s International Development Research Centre and the Aga Khan Foundation of Canada. The Initiative seeks to create a new pipeline of researchers by assisting young scholars in admission to post-graduate studies. ARI is based at the University’s main office in Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic.

ARI programmes:


  • Support Afghan students in doctoral programmes, especially those facing funding challenges in completing their dissertation research in the social sciences, humanities, gender studies, and biological, earth, and environmental sciences.
  • Research grants to Afghan scholars in the diaspora or non-Afghan scholars holding university or research positions conducting research in the abovementioned fields and who can engage students as assistants.
  • University Preparatory Courses such as English for Academic Purposes and Statistical Research and Data Analysis to help Afghan students gain admission to graduate programmes.
  • Host online lectures, conferences, and other activities to disseminate research and connect disparate research groups.
  • Support Afghan graduate students and researchers in publishing their research in peer-reviewed journals.

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