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School of Professional and Continuing Education

The School of Professional and Continuing Education (SPCE) was founded in 2006 and offers post-secondary and continuous education, giving young people and adults professional and vocational qualifications and income generating opportunities.


SPCE learners are young people and adults from 7 to 70 years of age. Each programme and course has different requirements of education level, language skills, and work experience.

Registration Process

  • Visit SPCE's page to review information about the available courses/programmes.
  • The applicant fills out the Application Form (online/paper-based).
  • After selecting the course, the applicant’s prerequisite is identified. 
  • The applicant is offered to participate in a Demo Class (optional) of the selected course/programme.
  • SPCE representative contacts the applicant by email or phone with further instructions.
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Students participate in game club at SPCE Naryn.

SPCE Speed Reading Naryn (7)

Every weekend, various SPCE centres organise English speaking clubs for all age groups.

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SPCE organises business planning conferences to assist entrepreneurs in brainstorming effective strategies.

UCA 1302

SPCE offers entrepreneurship training programmes throughout all learning centres in four countries.