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School of Arts and Sciences

The School of Arts and Sciences (SAS) offers a five-year undergraduate programme that cultivates the knowledge and skills students need to integrate different approaches to solve problems and create innovations in their professional and personal life. UCA provides undergraduate students with an English immersion environment on campus, which is the language of instruction. Find out more about the school and undergraduate programmes.

Students admitted to UCA have a demonstrated record of academic achievements. They are winners of academic competitions, presidents of student government, passionate advocates for the disadvantaged, talented artists and musicians, award-winning athletes, and enthusiastic volunteers who lend a hand in their communities.

UCA is looking for students who excel at academics, and are passionate about learning both inside and outside the classroom. Start your journey at UCA. Apply today!

Students Art Exhibition Khorog (6)

Students, faculty and management enjoy screenings of various art productions.

Naryn Casual Student Shoot 2021 (6)

Students play foosball in the indoor play area.

Students In Class Physics Project (1)

Students present a Physics experiment as part of the class presentations.

Awards Night Naryn Hallway (1)

Students hang around in dormitory hallways after the classes.

Naryn Terrace (5)

Students take a break from classes and enjoy the picturisque backdrop of snow-capped mountains.

Why choose UCA?

UCA students come from different parts of Central Asia and abroad, and from all walks of life. UCA also provides access to students with physical disabilities. UCA's Undergraduate Campuses are fully accessible and abide by International Building Code access standards as developed by the International Code Council. Equipped with elevators, specially designed student and faculty dorms and facilities, UCA is proud to accept all applications.

The UCA student is:

  • Committed to academic excellence
  • Willing to learn and be curious about new areas of knowledge, and applying learning beyond the classroom
  • Dedicated to addressing real-world challenges with inventive, entrepreneurial solutions
  • A great listener, team player, and leader
  • Interested not only in individual success but also the success of the community, country, and region

UCA aims to maintain balanced representation within each academic major, including by gender, regional representation, as well as from urban and rural areas. During the admissions selection process, minimum quotas are maintained to accept 85% of applicants from Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, and Kazakhstan; and 15% international applicants.

World-Class Facilities to Enhance Learning

Campus life provides opportunities for applying academic knowledge, community service, sports and recreation, cultural exchange, and developing responsible citizenship and leadership skills. The students enjoy state-of-the-art classrooms, laboratories, and libraries, secure dormitories with study and recreational areas, modular rooms configured with privacy, outdoor learning spaces on campus, covered walkways, automatic lighting, and secure facilities.

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UCA provides the environment and opportunities for students to succeed. Its unique and flexible high-level education system, as well as a rich student life experience, makes learning exciting and rewarding.

Iskender Berdiev, Alumnus, Class of 2021

Designed with top international universities, UCA's undergraduate curriculum is tailored to the Central Asian context. There is a commitment to fostering international standards and Central Asian talent. UCA has modern, state-of-the-art facilities and residential campuses. It provides high-quality English-language education, inside and outside of the classroom. There is a unique approach to applied learning through a combination of liberal arts, science, and technology.

There are opportunities to do practical learning through paid internships offered through Co-operative Education Programme, community-based projects and entrepreneurship ventures. UCA has highly ranked faculty with PhDs who are committed to high-quality teaching, mentorship and research. It prepares students to qualify for top graduate programmes globally. UCA provides guaranteed financial aid to all its students through Scholarships, Grants, and Interest-free Loans.