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Dastanbui M

Dastanbui Mamadsaidov has several years of management and leadership experience related to economic development, namely within the energy sector, and education in Tajikistan. In his executive capacities with Pamir Energy, Dastanbui was instrumental in introducing new innovations, best practice and innovative financing to successfully implement a number of hydropower projects as catalyzers for economic development in Eastern Tajikistan.

Furthermore, his involvement in cross-border activities contributed to the deepening of regional frameworks and relations governing energy transmission into neighboring Northern Afghanistan, as well as fundraising and cultivating community buy-in.

His prior experiences with the University of Central Asia focused on external outreach to grow awareness and uptake of continuing education offerings focused on skills development. Dastanbui also worked as a coordinator for the English Program Center at Khujand State University in Northern Tajikistan.

Dastanbui is currently completing an Executive MBA at Steinbeis University of Berlin, building upon his graduate studies in MA of political sciences from the OSCE Academy in Bishkek. His undergraduate studies include a degree in economics from Khorog State University, and a diploma in English studies from Khujand State University. Dastanbui has also been trained on management in Japan, South Asia, Europe, USA, UAE and Turkey.