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Abdul Aziz Nazari MAA Afghanistan

Abdul Aziz Nazari has accumulated a decade of professional experience, presently holding the position of  Manager of Academic Affairs of SPCE Afghanistan. His career at UCA started as a Project Coordinator, Learning Centre Coordinator, and Manager at SPCE's Learning Centre in Ishkashim, contributing significantly to the successful implementation of SPCE's multiple projects in Ishkashim-Badakhshan, Afghanistan. 

Certified as an examiner and trainer for ICDL full office packages (2007-2019), Abdul Aziz is a distinguished graduate of the CATs Core program. His commitment to professional growth is evidenced by the completion of various online managerial courses, culminating in the SPCE-2020 Excellence Award for Best Manager. Abdul Aziz holds a diploma from Teacher Training College and a bachelor's degree in Language and Literature. With over 14 years of service with ADKN in multiple border districts of Badakhshan, Afghanistan, Abdul Aziz continues to be a dedicated professional in the field of education.