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Andrey Menshikov (1)

Andrey Menshikov graduated in Philosophy (Ural State University, Russia) and in Medieval Studies (Central European University, Hungary). He defended his Candidate degree in Philosophy at the Ural State University (Ekaterinburg, Russia).  He was a fellow at Boston University (2004), the University of California at Berkeley (2007), Swedish Collegium for Advanced Study (2007–8), Center for Advanced Studies–Southeast Europe (2019), and a visiting lecturer at the University of North Carolina (2020). He was Associate Professor at the Department of Philosophy at the Ural Federal University (2009-2022). He also directed the Center for Comparative Studies of Toleration and Recognition and coordinated international Master’s Program in Political Philosophy at the Ural Federal University (2016–2022).

A. Menshikov worked in research projects in political philosophy and intellectual history, which were supported by the Open Society Institute, EU’s FP7, the Russian Foundation for the Humanities, the Russian Science Foundation and others.